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Woman Over 400 and over

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Nail BangleNail Bangle
Nail Bangle Sale price$750.00
Taylor BraceletTaylor Bracelet
Taylor Bracelet Sale price$225.00
Mini Tennis BraceletMini Tennis Bracelet
Mini Tennis Bracelet Sale price$400.00
Bubble Earrings
Bubble Earrings Sale price$585.00
Double Bar Ring
Double Bar Ring Sale price$795.00
Mini Gold Link ChainMini Gold Link Chain
Mini Gold Link Chain Sale priceFrom $875.00
Bead Heart BraceletBead Heart Bracelet
Bead Heart Bracelet Sale priceFrom $445.00
Kate BangleKate Bangle
Kate Bangle Sale price$975.00
Sofia ChainSofia Chain
Sofia Chain Sale priceFrom $400.00
Tube HoopsTube Hoops
Tube Hoops Sale priceFrom $175.00
Serena ChainSerena Chain
Serena Chain Sale priceFrom $425.00